Prenatal Yoga

Bringing a life into the world is a magical gift, whether it’s your first or fourth time. Throughout Chula Vista prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to connect with wonder of your body and baby.

Prenatal Yoga

helps with the following:

  • Supports Your Changing Body
  • Tones Important Muscle Groups
  • Prepares for Labor and Delivery
  • Promotes Connection With Your Baby
  • Provides Relief From Common Pregnancy Complaints
  • Gives You a Healthier Pregnancy



Bheemashakti Tejas

Check out this video from Obe Fitness for a restoritive flow.

Yoga For Womens Health
If you are an adult woman craving more connection to your body and balance between your strength and flexibility, this class is designed for you. The beginning of class we will journal and check in, there will be a mantra of the week you can use as a journal prompt. The rest of class we will move and love our bodies in the shapes we take through a vinyasa flow. The flow will be intuitively different each session and we will have a posture of the week including variations we will break down. Prenatal and postnatal welcome!
The intention of this class is to create a Yogi-sisterhood where all women are welcome, so come with an open heart to receive and share.
What to bring: 
Yoga mat
Pen and paper